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We campaign for a political system that allows people to initiate referendums on any law they might want, and stop any law they don't want. It's used in Switzerland and has made the Swiss one of the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest peoples in the world. We want it for Wales. We also campaign for a system that will allow you to initiate referendums on reforming the political system and the influences on the system. This will allow you to challange things like corporate power, media power and union power.




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If you don't think this could happen just watch the video. Ideas can be very powerful and our ideas are exceptional. The video explains what the 'Big Society' was really about, and how we got the petitions system in Parliament.









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Over the past couple of months we have spoken to hundreds of people who want the systems we campaign for. Now it's time to start building the organisation that will take the campaign forward. Up until now the campaign has consited of half a dozen people working to give you control over your country. It hasn't been possible to have an impact on this election but the response we have had from you is hugely encouraging so it's now time to bring together all those who want to see our systems introduced, and put some real pressure on the politicians.