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The results of elections in Wales aren't decided by the millions of people who vote. Who wins can be decided by a few hundred votes from floating voters who live in marginal seats. Floating voters are people with no strong party allegiance, they vote for whichever party they think will make the best government at that time. Marginal seats are the constituencies where the result is decided by a  few hundred votes.

Most seats are safe seats, but it's the marginals that matter. The floating voters living in those seats have complete power over the politicians at the 2016 elections in Wales. They decide who wins, but what happens if they put a price on power? What happens if they make a fair and reasonable demand that we can all unite behind? Any party that wants to do well must give them what they want.

Campaign for Democracy asks these voters to demand a transfer of power from politicians in Cardiff to the people of Wales. This will be done by creating two new political process that will allow people to initiate referendums on political reform and a system that allows people to initiate referendums on all devolved matters. We, the people of Wales will be able to decide not just who governs us, but how we are governed.

If politicians refuse to support our campaign we will use this block of votes to remove sitting Assembly Members.

We ask people in our target constituencies to sign this pledge.

At the 2016 Welsh Assembly election I will use my vote to support the Campaign for Democracy.

If politicians wants power they will have to give us something in return. The price of power will be a transfer of sovereignty from the Welsh Assembly to the people of Wales. For the first time in our history, we the people, will decide how we are governed, define the role of government, its powers, its structure and its limitations. There are no limits to the changes we may make but something as powerful as this must be protected from abuse and we do this very simply.

No change can take place without the consent of the Welsh Assembly or by the consent of the people, confirmed by a referendum.




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New year, new strategy.

The campaign gets floating voters in marginals to demand a transfer of power from politicians to people, but if they ignore us we're going to use that block of votes to remove sitting Assembly Members.

New booklet.

Click here to read or download a booklet that outlines the campaigns systems and the ideas behind the project.

New start.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday the 17th February at 7.30pm in Llanidloes. Please contact us for the background information you will need and the venue.