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In next years general election about 27 million people will vote, but the result will be decided by a few thousand voters, floating voters who live in key marginal seats. Floating voters are people with no strong party allegiance, they vote for whichever party they think will make the best government at that time. Marginal seats are the constituencies where the result is decided by a couple of hundred votes.

Most seats are safe seats, but it's the marginals that matter. The floating voters living in those seats have complete power over the politicians at the election. They decide who wins, but what happens if they put a price on power? What happens if they make a fair and reasonable demand that we can all unite behind? Any party that wants to win must give them what they want.

At the general election in 2015 Campaign for Democracy will be asking those voters to demand a transfer of power from politicians to the people of Britain. This will be done by creating a new political process that will allow people to initiate referendums on political reform. We, the people of Britain will be able to decide, not just who governs us, but how we are governed.

We will be asking people in the targeted constituencies to sign this pledge.

I pledge, that I will only vote for parties that will establish the constitutional changes proposed by the Campaign for Democracy.

If a party wants power, they will have to give us something in return. The price of power will be the transfer of sovereignty from Parliament to the people of Britain. For the first time in our history, we the people, will decide how we are governed, define the role of government, its powers, its structure and its limitations. There are no limits to the changes we may make but something as powerful as this must be protected from abuse and we do this very simply.

No change can take place without the consent of Parliament or by the consent of the people of Britain confirmed by a referendum.

Main target, the Prime Minister.

Success depends on drawing peoples attention to this website where people living in marginals can make those pledges online, and we know how to do that. We are going to create a political party to run alongside the campaign, and put up a candidate against David Cameron in May 2015.

The Conservatives know that if Campaign for Democracy succeeds the British people will be able to decide what our relationship with the EU should be, and they know that our actions will be copied by the people of other EU countries. This will lead to the creation of a deeply reformed Europe, one that works for us all. If voters know that is coming there is no need for UKIP and one of the Conservative Party's biggest headaches disappears. Voting for UKIP will be pointless.

We will be giving the Conservative voters of Cameron's constituency, Witney, a choice. Vote for our candidate and get the campaign the publicity it needs to win, something that may lead to a Conservative victory as UKIP disappears, or ignore us, vote for Cameron and deny Campaign for Democracy the publicity needed to get people to this website, and the Conservatives will lose the election.

The only thing that would allow the 30,000 Conservative voters to have both a Conservative victory and David Cameron as their MP would be for the Prime Minister to become the Campaign for Democracy candidate.....

We don't mind who wins. What matters is that real power is transferred from politicians to the people of Britain, that we become a truly free people.

Welsh National Assembly elections 2016.

We will be targeting the first past the post seats with a demand for a reform process and Swiss style direct democracy, a system that forces political parties to work together for the good of the people.


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Campaign for Democracy 2015-2016.

With elections coming up in 2015 and 2016 it's time to revive the campaign. Between now and the New Year I want to tell as many of you as possible about the project, before it's launched in January 2015. Don't be shy, remember, I want to tell you about the campaign!

Cameron accepts our demands!

Listen to David Cameron making a speech promising direct democracy for the people of Britain in the video at the top of the page. 'We will begin a massive redistribution of power in our country from the powerful to the powerless.......the right to initiate local and national referenda....' Thank you David!

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