About Us

We are in the process of setting up independent organisations that aim to introduce political processes that transfer sovereignty from our Parliaments and Assemblies to the people of Britain and Wales. We will not campaign for any particular reform, or on any other issue. We will only campaign for Direct Democracy and a political reform process that uses an initiative and referendum system. Those interested in other constitutional changes, or the introduction of other legislation, can then use the democratic processes we aim to create. 

The core organisation will be a trust set up to inform the public and politicians about political systems and related subjects, and direct democracy. To this end we will supply booklets, leaflets, other educational material and give presentations on these subjects. We will also engage in lobbying. This organisation will exist for as long as this service is of use to the people of Britain and Wales.

We will be setting up independent unincorperated associations, registered as 'third parties' in targeted constituencies. These associations will be responsible for the campaigning side of the project including pledge collection and it is likely that a federation of these associations will be responsible for the online pledge collection system. These associations will be disbanded after the campaigns aims have been achieved.

We have no links with any political party or other campaigning group.

Our two key aims can be expressed very simply:

  • To create systems of government designed to solve problems.
  • 'Sovereignty for the Citizen', where the people of Britain make the rules for government, rather than government making the rules for the people.