Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this?

We are a group of ordinary people who believe the present system fails to find solutions to our most pressing problems. Our aim is to change the way politics is practiced in order t

We have no connections with any political party, political organisation or campaigning group. 

The viewpoint we share is that everybody could benefit from this project, and that any change must come about through democratic processes. When this is over we will have a vote that counts, and so will you.

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Why has this never been done before?

Everyone in Welsh and British politics knows just how important these few voters are in the key marginals and in the past some have tried to use that power. Unfortunately they have tried to use that power to impose their own agenda on the people of Wales and Britain, which is why they have failed. Our approach is different. The only thing we impose on you is choice, we give you the opportunity to choose how we are governed.

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How will you get the support of the 10,000 floating voters?

We will be doing carefully structured campaigns in each key marginal constituency, using established campaigning techniques. We will also be using internet marketing techniques coordinated with conventional methods.

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Who will be on the Commission?

As the Constitutional Commission is envisaged as only being a small committee, with perhaps as few as ten people serving for only two years, it is difficult to find a process that would enable 2,250,000 voters in Wales to choose just ten commissioners. One possible process would be to have them selected by lot. This would be an easy operation to set up, as we would use the existing 40 electoral constituencies as a starting point. One hundred people could be selected by lot from each constiuency. These one hundred people would chose one to be the delegate from their area. The commissioners would be chosen from amongst the delegates by the delegates themselves. They would select the Commissioners for the first two year period, after which time the commissioners must retire, and then the delegates would select their successors. At the next Assembly election all delegates must stand down and a new group of delegates must be selected. For more information please see the web page 'The Commissioners'.

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What will you do with the money you raise?

Use it to arrange the public meetings we need, and pay for the cost of running the campaign in the marginals. If enough is available some will be used for increasing the amount of information on direct democracy on the website, and spreading the campaign throughout Britain.

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This sounds like more government, do we really need it?

Think of the project as a way of getting rid of some of the government we've got!

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You seem to have a lot of trust in politicians, yet they are seen as one of the least trusted groups in society

They are one of the least trusted groups, but when people are asked to rate the politicians they know - their AM or MP for example - as individuals, they rate very highly. It seems that it is 'politics' that we don't trust, not politicians. It's the political system we are going to change.

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What is your position on individual political issues

We don't have a position on political issues. We don't do positions, we don't do policy. That's the only way we will be able to unite people behind us. We are campaigning for the transfer of sovereignty to the people of Wales: no more, no less.

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With this system wouldn't hanging be brought back?

There is no movement to bring back hanging in British politics, the media or any other area of British life. There is the occasional tabloid headline 'Bring back hanging' but this is always followed by the line 'says victims mother' or brother etc. The tabloids don't support it, they just exploit the headline to increase sales. Even if a campaign to bring back hanging started, a counter campaign would get of the ground very quickly. This would point out the numerous miscarriages of justice there have been in recent years, for example the Guildford four and most recently, Barry George. The film 'Let him have it' about a miscarriage of justice that led to a hanging would be shown at meetings around Britain. It is unlikely that a campaign to bring back hanging would get very far. There is also article 2 of the European charter of fundamental rights that we have signed that would prevent the death penalty being reintroduced. Finally, Britain got rid of hanging in 1969 through Parliamentary processes. The Swiss abolished the death penalty in 1942.....with a referendum. Some Swiss cantons abolished hanging as early as the 1860s and 1870s. They could hold a referendum to bring it back at any time, but never have.

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I am a member of a political party, can I join the campaign?

Yes. We are a pressure group like Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace, not a political party and you are free to join the campaign, as many have done already. We will not ask you to collect pledges or campaign against your party. We hope you will encourage your fellow party members to join us. We would welcome your support.

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