Supporting The Campaign for Democracy

The key to the success of any campaign is it's ability to get the support it needs to grow, and for new campaigns this is always difficult. This is why we need your support now, to give us the first few hundred supporters that will encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

There are several ways in which you can help get the campaign off the ground. 

The first is by giving us the financial support we need. This is one of the clearest ways of sending a message to the political elite that you want this to happen.

Another way of helping that is just as important is to work as a volunteer for us. Even if it is only for a couple of hours addressing letters or delivering leaflets your help is important, and again, it sends the message that this is not just something you want, it tells the politicians you are ready to do something about it.

A very easy way of helping us is to give some of our leaflets to friends and colleagues, or tell them about our website. Just email or phone us and we will send you some leaflets.

Welsh Assembly Petition.

Some time over the next few days we will be announcing our Welsh Assembly petition for the introduction of our system in Wales. If you get in touch with us we will let you know when this launched.

Please email us. The link opens a seperate window.


If would like to help us win the campaign in the marginals please email us. The link opens a seperate window.

Financial support.

Financial support for the campaign is important and your help would be appreciated.

Suggested donations.

Higher income £20-£30, or more, or standing order £3- 5.00 per month or more.

Low income £10.00 or standing order £2.00 per month.

300 supporters will give us the funds we need to put a campaign worker in an area where there is a cluster of marginals.

Any donation or help will be greatly appreciated.

There are several ways in which donations can be made, online by credit card, cheque by post, or by standing order (to be updated soon).

Cheque, by post.

Please download a form by clicking here. This link opens a seperate window. 


Donate by Paypal.