Sign the Pledge

At the heart of the campaign is this online pledge collection system. Later on in 2015, when we have finalised our list of target seats you will be able to type in your postcode and if you live in a marginal, a page will come up that will enable you to pledge on line. Tick the box, enter your name and address (optional, but it helps) and press enter. Your pledge will be registered and counted. Once CfD are on the Six O Clock news millions of people will go to their website, pledge on line and they will have won by the Ten O Clock news. It's simple and incredibly powerful. The parties know about this, they're ready for it and they know they can't fight it. More importantly their MPs, candidates and members know that we need to find new ways of working together to solve the serious problems we face. We believe we are pushing against an open door.

The system is working but no doubt people will be playing with it to see how it works.

That's OK! We don't mind at all. Please feel free to try it out.

Once the campaign is up and running the system will be cleared and a date set for pledge collection. There will still be some people putting in fake pledges, but that won't matter. What will matter is that politicians will know that there are enough real pledges on the system to swing the result of the election.

Step 1

Target Seats

  • Ceredigion
  • Montgomeryshire