Why people support this

People recognise that the present system fails to find solutions to the problems we face, yet in many cases we know the solutions we need. What we don't have is a system of government that can get us from problems to solutions. The changes we demand will allow us to develop democratic processes designed to deal with problems.

Not only does the system fail to find solutions, it is also undemocratic, unrepresentative, and because it has never formally received the approval of the people, illegitimate. What we are campaigning for is indisputably just, for we are asking for nothing less than a system of government by the people, for the people.

One of the major flaws with the present system is the general sense of voter apathy towards elections. In one survey people were asked if they would vote if there was an immediate general election, and only 55% responded that they would. If people don't think their vote is going to count for anything, then there's no reason for them to participate. Even though political participation in general elections is declining, 75% of people questioned responded that they 'want to have more of a say in the way the country is run.'

Further statistical data highlights the fact that people want to find solutions to our present political problems. For example, 50% of people in Britain have signed a petition, and 18% have boycotted products for ethical, political or environmental reasons. It is worth noting that 50% have donated money to charities, non-profit organizations, campaigning organizations and political parties. What these numbers confirm is that people are apathetic only as far as the present political system is concerned.

It is precisely for this reason that people will support our campaign. We offer the opportunity for real change in the way politics is practiced in Wales and Britain. This campaign will empower the people to be directly involved with a project of enormous importance that will transform the political system.