A Wales that works for all.

 We believe the people of Wales should be a free people, free to decide what laws we have, what laws we don't have and what systems of government we have. We believe the people of Wales should be the sovereign power in Wales.

That's not how things are now. Labour runs Wales. They usually have enough seats in the Senedd to dominate Welsh politics and that's what happened in the 2016 election when they won 29 seats out of a possible 60.

What's strange about that result is that Labour only got 35% of the vote but 48% of the seats in the Senedd, more than their fair share. In that injustice lies an opportunity that we at Campaign for Democracy are going to use to transfer power from the politicians in Cardiff to the people of Wales.

Labour's dominance depends on the election results in half a dozen marginal seats, seats that other parties come close to winning. We're going to get people in those seats to put a price on their vote and that price will be a transfer of power from politicians to people. If Labour say no we'll get people in those seats to vote against them. 

The votes of six or seven thousand people will be enough to ensure Labour cannot win the next election by dropping the number of seats they could win from around thirty to about twenty four.

If Labour agrees to a transfer of power to the people of Wales we'll stop the campaign and Labour will have a chance of winning a majority. 

We campaign for two additions to the political system in Wales. The first is based on the Swiss model, a system that allows people to initiate referendums that introduce any law they want, and stop any law they don't. The moderate majority are the sovereign power in Switzerland. 

The second is a system that allows people to initiate referendums on reforming the political system and the influences on the system. You'll be able to challenge corporate power, media power and union power. All of these organisations have power but sometimes that power is abused. It's the abuses you'll be able to stop.

For more information on these systems please see our other pages.


If you don't think this could happen just watch the video. Ideas can be very powerful and our ideas are exceptional. The video explains what the 'Big Society' was really about, and how we got the petitions system in Parliament.



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