Campaign plan.

Campaign plan.

We have a three stage plan to take the campaign forward. 


Step 1. Get supporters from in and around Llanidloes using new editions of the Llanidloes Gazette and social media. We'll be using videos, facebook, twitter and instagram.

Step 2. The Llanidloes Gazette has played a crucial role in explaining our ideas to people so we're going to do a Newtown edition. The quality of the Gazette gives potential supporters confidence in CfD and this quality will be maintained.

Step 3. Set up an office in the Cardiff West area , the constituency of our First Minister, Mark Drakeford with the intention of removing him from office. This will be the base from which we run campaigns in our target seats in the South Wales area. These seats will include five of the six Labour seats we are targeting and the seat of the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Parliament, Paul Davies.


This will put pressure on Welsh politicans and get us the publicity we need to grow. It is possible that achieving step two will get us all the attention we need. A single issue pressure group, like Campaign for Democracy, that can remove a sitting member of the Senedd will be national news in Wales.


Our aim is to get the politicians in Cardiff to agree to the introduction of our systems before the election. Once that has been done we will call off the campaign and the election can go ahead as normal.