Our Aims.

The political systems we have cannot solve the deeply rooted long term problems we face and they are incapable of any meaningful reform. That's why we need a process that works outside the current system that can create the changes we need.

To be truly democratic it must be under the control of the people of Wales as a whole, not just the members of the political parties who usually dictate the political agenda.

To achieve this we must have a system that allows people to put their own proposals for change to the people of Wales to be decided by binding referendum. This system will do more than allow us to change the political structures that allow politicians to rule us, they will allow us to challenge the influences on the system. We'll be able to challenge corporate power, media power and union power. All of these organisations are valuable, they create wealth, provide information and protect working people but they also acquire power and sometimes that power is abused. It's the abuse you'll be able to stop.

If people are allowed to initiate referendums on political reform sooner or later they're going to want the capability to have referendums on anything so we also campaign for that. These systems already exist in other countries. In some places they work well, in others they don't so we've chosen the Swiss system, a system that has made the Swiss people one of the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest in the world. It's the best there is and we want the best for Wales.

These two systems will work alongside the Welsh Parliament to create a three part system, the Senedd, the reform process and the Initiative and Referendum system.

The safeguard on the system is that no change can take place unless it goes through a democratic process, that is through the Senedd or referendum.

Systems matter. Some systems bring out the worst in people, other systems divide us. The systems we campaign for will allow us to put in place systems that bring out the best in us, that bring us together.

We'll be able to look around the world, see what works and what doesn't and bring the best back to Wales.

Our aim is to put in place systems that will allow us to create, through democratic processes, a just, free, fair and sustainable society.